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Bitcoin EqualizerWhat both I and my team members are increasingly amazed at is that even in 2021 there are only a small amount of people who know well the wonderful world of Bitcoin, as well as the possible merits that come with it. And you, our reader, do you know what Bitcoins are? Bitcoins can be defined as a cryptocurrency, which means that it is not a real currency like the euro or the dollar, but is in fact represented by non-existent objects called “tokens”. Originating in the late 90s, it quickly gained a place in all investment portfolios, with the minimum price for each token currently being $27.000. The price is determined by the market, as a result of supply and demand, which in turn depend on different types of investor exchanges. Prices in the Bitcoin market are constantly fluctuating, this is called market volatility.

What is Bitcoin Equalizer?

The best definition we can give for Bitcoin Equalizer is “algorithm set”. In fact, it is composed of about 13 algorithms, but note that we are not talking about the typical algorithms that are now taught in many schools, because they are very easy to make. The basic definition of an algorithm is a short program built by the programmer to answer a simple “yes” or “no” to a single, specific question. We therefore speak of a binary answer. The algorithms that make up Bitcoin Equalizer, on the other hand, are incredibly comprehensive and have dozens of choices. They are in fact adapted to the financial market.

Bitcoin Equalizer has no secrets. After all, it was built so that anyone can use it. And since it is an online platform, it is impossible to keep the source code secret. The group of traders, investors and IT experts who built Bitcoin Equalizer in 2015 announced the platform at the time without hiding anything. It was a pure revolution! What Bitcoin Equalizer does is actually quite easy to explain. After depositing a fairly low amount of money into the platform, the set of algorithms will find the best way to invest it in the Bitcoin market. It uses established trading techniques that have been used by the greatest experts before. A peculiarity of Bitcoin Equalizer is that it has been used with great success for years, and as long as the crypto market in its base does not change radically, Bitcoin Robots like Bitcoin Equalizer will always remain successful.

Bitcoin Equalizer is built to think like an expert trader, but the fact that it is an algorithm makes it much more powerful. After all, a person's computing capacity is not that great. In fact, with an average of about 15.000 operations per second, it manages to anticipate the crypto market and its variations.

The platform does not operate on a seconds basis, but we are talking about fractions of a second (0,04s). In a market like this, even these small fractions of a second make an incredible difference: the achievable results are unbelievable. Such numbers will make a substantial difference between six-figure earnings and a complete loss of money on inefficient transactions.

Is Bitcoin Equalizer Scam?

This is a question we've been asking ourselves too, and we believe it makes more sense that everyone is asking the same question when it comes to auto trading platforms. After all, why would a platform like Bitcoin Equalizer allow its users to make incredible profits automatically?

The answer is very simple: Bitcoin Equalizer makes money from the traffic that the site generates with users like you, who will change their lives every day thanks to Bitcoin Equalizer. The increased traffic on the site allows the platform to improve relationships with the brokers with whom affiliate contracts have been signed. There is also a 1% fee levied on the revenue, which will no doubt go unnoticed given the amount of money that can be earned. In addition, this small fee is transparent and you will be reminded of this every time you start the live trade.

In 2021, unfortunately, we are very often the victims of online fraud, especially when it comes to making money online. You can find many sites that talk about this type of topic (finance and crypto markets), but most of these sites are built deliberately to mislead users. But sites like this will enable you to orientate yourself correctly in this difficult area. And this is extremely important to understand whether a Bitcoin Robot like Bitcoin Equalizer is reliable or not. Another way to find out if the platform is trustworthy is to go to the official Bitcoin Equalizer website. You can easily find these by searching on Google. It is accurately indexed for search engines, which means you will find it instantly. You can see thousands of reviews left on the website by the users over time. These speak in detail about the reliability and ability of Bitcoin Equalizer to change their lives with a small initial investment. Reviews can be traced from 2016 to the present day, so Bitcoin Equalizer is not so much new.

How does Bitcoin Equalizer work?

It is of course impossible to explain all concepts within IT and finance, and we can really only in this way help you understand exactly how an IT miracle like Bitcoin Equalizer works. But don't worry, we'll just tell you what you need to know to start using Bitcoin Equalizer. It is a Bitcoin Robot based on artificial intelligence, with a source code made public in 2018. However, there was no danger of copying, due to its highly advanced encryption. The operation of Bitcoin Equalizer is relatively easy to explain. In fact, all it does is constantly analyze the crypto market to find opportunities to sell or buy Bitcoins. This starts with small amounts, buying fractions of a Bitcoin (this is mainly because the price of the most common deposit for the first users is $250), and gradually making more and more money.

How does trading with Bitcoin Equalizer work

Fortunately, you do not need any advanced knowledge to use Bitcoin Equalizer. This fantastic Bitcoin Robot offers a useful guide, and we will also help you during the different steps; to create an account, to use it and finally, to trade live:

1. Account Registration

To get started, search on Google “Bitcoin Equalizer”. You will immediately find the official website. On the home page of this website you will see a fillable form. There you must enter the following information:

✓ Name → Your first name is sufficient, and if there are homonyms within the platform, you will be assigned a short identifier, or you can enter a second name. But usually your first and last name is more than enough.

✓ Phone number → Do not forget to use the prefix that corresponds to your country, to avoid confusion with other users. Unfortunately you cannot enter a landline number, you are forced to use your mobile phone. Bitcoin Equalizer will only use your mobile phone for urgent communication and for a quick verification of your identity.

✓ Email Address → You must make sure that you are using an email address created specifically for Bitcoin Equalizer. This way you prevent the important news from the platform about the world of Bitcoin from being lost in the spam of useless sites.

2. Deposit money

A minimum deposit of $250 must be made. The reason for this is that Bitcoin Equalizer has to pay a relatively high commission to the banks for lower amounts. Therefore, the minimum deposit limit is simply set just above this threshold. Don't worry, thanks to the complex mathematical operations that Bitcoin Equalizer continuously performs with an average accuracy of 96,3%, it is virtually impossible to lose all the invested money. In fact, there will always be a profit. And just so you know, competing platforms are asking for a lot more money.

3. Demo Trading

The site, which is totally transparent, reports all the earnings of its users. They are not hidden, but rather proudly displayed because they show that anyone is able to make money with the Bitcoin Robot, regardless of their experience and education level. A demo function has been created to prevent inexperienced users from changing the interface as it was already set up. This actually works as a test and we definitely recommend that you use it.

4. Live Trading

The Bitcoin Equalizer interface is customizable in many different ways, but when you start using the Bitcoin Robot, it will show a sort of “preset”. This is a set of pre-selected settings determined by the creators of Bitcoin Equalizer, with the aim of benefiting their users. After the first deposit, which can be between $250 and $20.000, you can start your first live trading session by simply clicking on the appropriate button, which is visible on the home page.

Is Bitcoin Equalizer Reliable?

Yes, Bitcoin Equalizer is very skilled at what it does and we can define it as one of the best Bitcoin Robots on the market today. It is also an incredible source of income at a time that is difficult for everyone. The more technological advances there are, the fewer methods there are to make money. Fortunately, Bitcoin Equalizer is one of these possible methods. There are so many reasons why it is one of the best Bitcoin Robots, such as the incredible customer service available 24 hours a day. He will always respond professionally and adequately by e-mail, and in case of emergency you can be contacted by telephone. The brokers used by Bitcoin Equalizer are very well known and famous in our field, so you don't have to worry about their reliability. Finally, Bitcoin Equalizer also allows you to make a withdrawal every 12 hours.

Is Bitcoin Equalizer safe?

Yes, Bitcoin Equalizer is completely safe to use, no matter when you use this phenomenal platform, you are always protected. In the top bar of the website, you can see the icons of almost all the famous antivirus programs. These are all included in Bitcoin Equalizer's subscription to provide live protection to all its users. This way, it doesn't matter to the platform whether its users are using an antivirus or not.

Is there an app?

Although the software has been popular for years, it does not have an app. We know this may seem like a negative point, but this too is deliberate. Obviously the developers would be able to create an application. After all, they have succeeded in creating a revolutionary Bitcoin Robot. There is simply not a single user who feels the need for an application right now (or rather, this is only 8%). This is because Bitcoin Equalizer is mobile friendly, requiring only that you start the trading session from any device and then log out. After that, you can forget: an application would be useless.

Is Bitcoin Equalizer Scam? The judgement!

The conclusion we can draw today is that Bitcoin Equalizer is the spearhead of buying and selling Bitcoins online through automated programs. It's not a fraud at all, but we were amazed at its ease of use and accuracy. Several forums have sprung up talking about platforms such as Bitcoin Equaliser, and this platform has definitely not discouraged it, but rather encouraged it.


Bitcoin Equalizer: is that something for me too?

It doesn't matter what your social status or what kind of work you do, Bitcoin Equalizer can be used by everyone. To get started, all you have to do is click a button. On the other hand, there is no doubt that the more a user learns about the Bitcoin world and becomes an expert in it, the more money he will make.

Are there any hidden costs?

There are costs to be paid, but they are by no means hidden. As mentioned above, Bitcoin Equalizer only retains 1% of profits, all of which is to keep the platform online.

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