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Bitcoin has never fared as well as it has in recent weeks. Since the beginning of 2021, the trend of price volatility has stabilized and seems to have become the norm. Now can be seen as the golden moment to invest in the crypto market and we think there is no better time to start than now.

Bitcoin Era

We believe Bitcoin Era is currently one of the best Bitcoin Robots for trading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. This bot will bring a quick and stable profit to anyone who is committed to using it every month. We were very impressed with the speed and efficiency of the Bitcoin Robot, as well as with the incredible customer service and responsiveness of the platform (in terms of web performance).

What is Bitcoin Era?

Bitcoin Era is an automatic trading platform for Bitcoin that uses state-of-the-art software to buy and sell Bitcoins automatically, generating a passive profit for the user. This allows those who use Bitcoin Era to make huge profits, up to thousands and thousands of dollars per day. This can be done through the live trading feature, which can be activated by all users after making a minimum deposit of around $250. We know it seems small, in fact it is much less than the minimum deposit required by competing platforms, but Bitcoin Era is trying to expand its user base with this. Unless you already have experience in online trading, we recommend that you follow the advice of Bitcoin Era and deposit only the minimum amount of $250, starting small: don't worry, in a few days you can earn thousands of dollars and reinvest in this way. Bitcoin Era users end each trading session on average with a gain of 17% from that day's initial investment.

In fact, no financial expertise is needed, the desire to learn is enough to take full advantage of Bitcoin Era.

What test did we run with Bitcoin Era?

The tests we conducted were in no way hindered by Bitcoin Era, in fact the analysis was very easy due to its extreme transparency. The speed with which the Bitcoin Robot analyzes the market signals and the reaction time it takes to be able to buy or sell Bitcoins depending on the market signals are extremely positive, exceeding 94% of the other Bitcoin Robots. We also hired several inexperienced people to open an account on Bitcoin Era and start trading, in order to understand how user-friendly the BOT interface was during registration for people who are not used to this type of platform: the results were excellent.

Reliability Test

Trading platforms that impose manual activities on their users tend to leave the most inexperienced at a loss. Instead, Bitcoin Era uses intelligent Bitcoin Robots that accurately and accurately analyze the signals of the Bitcoin market in a few milliseconds.

And the profit?

On average, users earn about $1900 per day, but it should be borne in mind that the size of the profit varies with the market itself and the skills of the user. More than anything else, the profit depends on the money initially invested: given the high percentage reliability of the Bitcoin Robot's calculations, most operations will be successful. This means that the more money you invest, the more you will earn. The users have given very positive feedback saying that they made a profit even during the first live trading session. However, this should not make us forget that there are risks associated with online investments in general, including this.

For this reason, it is always advisable to use an extremely reliable Bitcoin Robot like Bitcoin Era for conducting financial trading activities.

How does the Bitcoin Era software work?

All programs used by Bitcoin Era are based on extremely advanced technology, i.e. artificial intelligence is used on a remote server. In fact, this is the only way a Bitcoin Robot like Bitcoin Era can be able to perform thousands upon thousands of extremely complex calculations per second. After all, the signals coming from the Bitcoin market are many at the same time. However, professionals have been hired by Bitcoin Era to monitor all global activities of the platform's software, organized in shifts. In this way, they can avoid sudden market collapses by leveraging their direct experience. For the rest, the Bitcoin Era programs are fully automatic. Once the platform sees the opportunity to make a profit if the price of Bitcoins goes up, the platform will sell. In the same way it will try to buy a Bitcoin every time the price drops, it is very intuitive how this leads to big profits.

The difference between the different Bitcoin Robots depends more on the efficiency of these programs, and Bitcoin Era is basically the best we have analyzed so far.

How does the Bitcoin Era algorithm work?

Our analysis tools have shown that Bitcoin Era uses a basic algorithm that is quite common among the various online Bitcoin Robots. However, the algorithm has been modified to adapt perfectly to the Bitcoin market. A very similar algorithm is used by FOREX trading platforms, but that is used for large calculations. Any manual trader will understand the importance of these analyses, the fact that a machine does them is a huge time saver, even for those who already have experience.

Step-by-step guide to create an account on Bitcoin Era

As promised, here is an extremely simple and straightforward guide to create an account on Bitcoin Era and start investing immediately, yielding huge profits. First read the following procedure carefully:

1 – Eand create a new account

You can complete the whole process in less than five minutes, all you need to do is log into the official Bitcoin Era website and enter an email address, name and phone number. Don't worry, your data will not be sold to third parties. Bitcoin Era will simply use the information you provide to quickly verify your identity so that you can start trading right away.

2 – Deposit

To make the minimum deposit of $250, basically all existing payment methods are possible, even the most common ones like Visa, Maestro and PayPal. We have used MasterCard without any problems.

3 – Live Trading

Once you have successfully completed the deposit, you will be able to see the funds deposited into your Bitcoin Era online account. We recommend that you immediately use the stop loss function, this way you can always decide how much you want to invest, without running the risk of losing your money. The Bitcoin Robot worked exceptionally well and generated a 27% profit for us. It will certainly be the same for you, you just have to start.

Can you trust Bitcoin Era?

The Bitcoin Robots that perform all the calculations in Bitcoin Era are extremely reliable; lengthy stress tests that we ran over a period of about 15 hours have shown that the platform never slows down in its performance. This also confirms the various positive reviews that we can find on the Bitcoin Era official website.

Online Security

The safety of users surfing our website is of the utmost importance to us. So when we advise or advise against a Bitcoin Robot, we should always consider whether the user will be safe even by surfing the Bitcoin Robot. For this reason, we have carried out various types of tests to verify safety. Bitcoin Era is therefore very considerate, and fortunately the results are excellent. Bitcoin Era offers a free automatic antivirus to all users through the website, who are therefore protected against various types of malware as long as they stay on Bitcoin Era.

Is it really that effective? Precisely!

Every team of analysts like mine has different tools at their disposal, and this time we used them all to conduct in-depth tests with Bitcoin Era. The result is astonishing; with about 98,5% of deals closed at a profit, it is one of the best platforms in terms of investment success rate. Such a high win rate essentially implies zero chance of losing your investment money, also for the following reasons:

✓ Probably the strength of the program lies mainly in the extra functions it has;

✓ The Bitcoin Era official website lists information that we have verified (including conversion rate), and therefore they are true;

✓ The customer service was very fast compared to most other Bitcoin Robots, they not only used thoughtful and extremely helpful answers (the so-called FAQs), but they were also able to help us directly in case of more complex problems;

✓ The Bitcoin Era format is designed to be simple, intuitive and effective: in fact, both new and more experienced users are always able to get the best out of the platform.

We will guide you in this article on how to open a new account on Bitcoin Era, and you can see all our tests with our full report on this Bitcoin Robot.

More and more our readers ask us for 'real time' tests. Coincidentally, our vast arsenal of IT tools for evaluating Bitcoin Robots like Bitcoin Era was ready for this challenge. All our analyzes showed how Bitcoin Era delivers on everything it promises, and we also checked several reviews on independent sites (such as TrustPilot), and apparently this Bitcoin Robot is really reliable. In practice, the level of user dissatisfaction with Bitcoin Era is almost nil, and in the few cases where there was dissatisfaction, it was linked to internet problems while trading, which in any case is not solvable or attributable to the Bitcoin Robot . After verifying this, we are happy to proceed with this interesting test.

Our final verdict on Bitcoin Era!

Our conclusion seems obvious by now, but we would like to say it again: Bitcoin Era is extremely reliable and is one of the best platforms for online Bitcoin trading, even for those who know absolutely nothing about the subject. The transparency of the site is a big plus, and payments are always made within 24 hours, with the merchant always protected against cyber threats.


Can I use any operating system?

Linux, OS X, Windows: these systems and many others are supported, indeed it makes no difference. Bitcoin Era basically works online, so you can use any operating system and any computer without any worries.

Is there an initial fee for opening new accounts?

No, there are no costs: everything is free.

Does it really take 24 hours to send the money?

24 hours is the deadline indicated by the site. However, in our experience, the funds always arrive about six hours after the withdrawal request.

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