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We have waited a long time to write this article because we saw a huge opportunity in Bitcoin Rush. It is in fact one of the trendiest auto trading platforms in the crypto market. As always, we're the first to review a platform that's both emerging and promising, and here's what we found.

Bitcoin Rush

Since the market introduction of automatic investment systems for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, everyone can use them. They are extremely easy to use and allow you to generate passive income. For a long time, only finance and Bitcoin experts were able to make money online from cryptocurrencies because the skills needed are extremely specialized and you certainly won't get them with a normal job.

As awareness has grown about the existence of Bitcoin Robots like Bitcoin Rush, you too can earn large amounts of money without any knowledge of economics or finance. Many such platforms have sprung up in recent months and Bitcoin Rush is one of the best, if not the very best.

All this makes it possible to expand our income even for us ordinary people. The only problem is that the platforms are often unknown, which is why we are here. Among the various Bitcoin Robot articles we create for our readers, this article explains why Bitcoin Rush stands out through its outstanding results. All the tests we performed were live, and we also consulted other colleagues (third parties) to ensure that everything was carried out with the utmost seriousness.

This Bitcoin Robot for the automatic trading of cryptocurrencies works great. Anyone who follows us to the end of this article will be able to change their life through Bitcoin Rush.

What is Bitcoin Rush?

For those who read us more often but are not familiar with this series of articles devoted to Bitcoin Robots for cryptocurrencies, we will immediately explain what Bitcoin Rush is. It is an online trading platform suitable for trading all types of cryptos, the most important of which is Bitcoin. The platform always tries to sell Bitcoins when their price goes up and buy them up when their price goes down, the difference between them makes up the profit.

Bitcoin Rush has enabled its users to make a profit of up to $800 per day, thus ignoring the initial investment.

Below is the summary of our review:

  • Bitcoin Rush is put together in a very professional way, but above all intuitive and easy to use, even by ordinary people;
  • We have been able to confirm that all legal documents stating that Bitcoin Rush has been verified by third parties are correct. So everything is in order from a legislative point of view;
  • Bitcoin Rush only uses certified brokers;
  • Customer service is active every day, and the $250 minimum deposit is the lowest ever compared to competitors;

Anyone can create an account and use Bitcoin Rush, regardless of your country of origin or your computer's operating system.

The reason for our interest in these Bitcoin Robots

Making money continuously without too many complications, to supplement a meager salary, is an opportunity that everyone would be interested in. Many Bitcoin Robots similar to Bitcoin Rush have already passed through our hands. We tested them all and they all turned out to work, but we believe Bitcoin Rush has something more. These platforms are for automatic trading. This means that the user just needs to deposit the money, start the BOT and withdraw the money. Today our lives are increasingly busy, which makes this a pleasant solution.

Many users on the Bitcoin Rush site thank the creators and have said that the Bitcoin Robot helped them get out of an economically difficult situation.

But you probably have one important question: is this Bitcoin Robot a scam? This is certainly a legitimate question, as there is a lot of fraud in the online financial market. We can also confirm with relative certainty that this is becoming more and more common in all markets, BOTs seem to be popping up like mushrooms every day. They all promise the same thing, but few keep these promises: Bitcoin Rush is one of them. We've analyzed several BOTs over time, some of which were simply trying to scam us, but many others didn't have the IT background necessary to create a successful algorithm and were simply inefficient.

Our findings of Bitcoin Rush

From a trading software point of view, Bitcoin Rush seems extremely reliable. You can use the platform without worrying about the volatility of the market, nor the possibility of losing your money. We found that out of 100 trades executed by Bitcoin Rush, on average about 97 close positively, thus inevitably leading to gains far exceeding losses. If you go to the official Bitcoin Rush website, you can read dozens of reviews from users who have changed their lives through Bitcoin Rush. Many have continued to use it even after reaching the financial goal they set for themselves. It's great that so many people have decided to leave a review. On average, reviews on the internet are not left by those who are satisfied with a product, but by those who love or hate it. In this case, everyone has loved Bitcoin Rush.

How to get started

We have tested all the features of Bitcoin Rush and it is extremely easy to use. Below you will find all our experiences.

We started by creating a new account, which took less than 10 minutes. Then we made the first deposit of $250 to start trading. With a simple click, we started trading live, after which the Bitcoin Robot started working completely autonomously. As you will understand, anyone is able to do this, as the Bitcoin Robot will perform every operation all by itself without any need for any help.

To register and start earning money, follow these simple steps:


To start the registration process, all you need to do is go to the Bitcoin Rush official website, there you will see a form, light green in color. You can't miss this one, because it is extremely visible. You will then be asked to link a few details to your account; your email address, your mobile number and your name. We recommend that you use a new email address especially for Bitcoin Rush, in order to avoid the emails being flooded with spam from other services that don't care about the privacy of their users. The phone number must of course be a mobile number and not a landline, where you must enter your country's area code. The number will be used within an hour to confirm your identity. Also keep in mind the security of the password you set, which depends on the number of characters and the extent to which it can be exposed to reverse engineering. It is not necessary to enter second or third names, in the case of homonyms you will be contacted for further verification of your identity.


Compared to many other platforms, Bitcoin Rush only requires a small minimum amount: $250. After a short time you will make so much profit that you will forget the initial investment, but we always advise you to be careful. Transfer all the money you earn to your own account, reinvest only a portion of it, so you never lose out. There are about a hundred methods available for depositing and withdrawing money, so you can basically pick whatever you want. It will almost certainly be available on Bitcoin Rush. Don't worry, there is no commission on deposits like other less efficient manual trading platforms.

Live Trading

This is the last step. Live trading allows you to launch the BOT and watch it work wonders. Of the many features available for investing, we recommend using the stop loss feature. This determines how much you can afford to invest; the BOT will then not go beyond that amount. Once the BOT senses that the financial market is continuously losing or being excessively unstable, the trading session will freeze. It takes about 30 minutes a day, but the more time you spend on Bitcoin Rush, the more money you can make. We therefore recommend that you keep abreast of the various news in the world of Bitcoin. This will allow you to gradually gain experience and customize the Bitcoin Rush interface more and more. However, if you don't want to do this, don't worry, everything is preset too.

Why are investors afraid of automatic BOTs?

We are sure that many investors are hesitant to invest in the crypto market through automatic Bitcoin Robots because the market is highly volatile. The first thing you will probably have found on the internet is that the price of Bitcoins fluctuates from second to second, and the same goes for other cryptos. But that hasn't stopped a small group; they believed in Bitcoin Rush and got rich.

We believe that investors are afraid of automatic Bitcoin Robots such as Bitcoin Rush for another reason, because they do not know the concepts of artificial intelligence and automatic trading. They fear that the sheer amount of calculations performed by Bitcoin Rush will directly damage their computers. In reality, however, all calculations are done on the virtual server, not on the computer. The concept of artificial intelligence is also very easy to explain. The Bitcoin Robot continuously performs calculations that are not an end in themselves, but the Bitcoin Robot can learn while performing these calculations. In this way, the Bitcoin Robot learns what is most efficient and which calculations are most suitable for the market in which they are active, in this case the online financial market of cryptos.

Fast and easy trading

It is virtually impossible to get stuck with Bitcoin Rush through misunderstanding. There are in fact very useful widgets available all over the site. Once clicked, they will tell you step by step what to do.

Our Final Verdict on Bitcoin Rush!

In conclusion, we can say that Bitcoin Rush is far from disappearing from the crypto market and that it will be used by hundreds of thousands of people to get rich. It actually works flawlessly, and even though we've only done testing, we've made a lot of money too. Withdrawing money is also easy (we recommend PayPal), and the customer service is very friendly.

Bitcoin Rush is without a doubt one of the best platforms for automated crypto trading, so we recommend it to all our readers.


Is it possible to withdraw Bitcoin, or is only real currency available?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to withdraw Bitcoin, but only real currency, such as euros or dollars. But don't worry; if you plan to buy Bitcoins for reasons other than directly resell them, there are many other sites that can do that for you. Bitcoin Rush is mainly there to get rich.

How secure are the transactions?

The security of the transactions is maximum. Just like when you shop on Amazon or other major websites, Bitcoin Rush also ensures maximum transparency and security.

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